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A Leader in Sustainability

Global & Green Colocation

Hyperscale and enterprise customers require a high degree of control and an abundance of power to support massive scaling and expand their businesses globally, while improving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Ficolo’s data centers provide the level of flexibility necessary to fulfill today’s requirements for reliability, speed, power, and versatility. Additionally, with the only third-party certified climate neutral, hyperscale-ready colocation company in the Nordics, Ficolo is a true leader in sustainability. We have been recognized for our leading climate efforts by Greenpeace and are the only data center company in the world to have received the highest Dark Green rating by a climate research institute Cicero. Additionally, the global technology research and advisory firm, Information Services Group (ISG), named Ficolo a Leader in Colocation in the Nordics. 

Our cool Finnish climate and well-connected Nordic location help us provide the most cost-effective and innovative service to enterprises and hyperscalers around the world. If you are passionate about drastically reducing your carbon footprint, join Ficolo on the road to sustainability.


  • Certified Climate Neutral
  • Best "Dark Green" rating by Climate Research Institute
  • 100% green energy since day one
  • Heat reuse to district grid


  • Up to 25 MW capacity; expandable to 90 MW
  • 19,000 m2
  • 100% availability


  • Racks, cages and dedicated high-security suites
  • Solutions for HPC, Wholesale (pure whitespace) and Hyperscalers
  • Build-to-suit fulfilling very high power density requirements
  • Designed to comply with Tier III level


  • Cages, security racks, biometric detection and security cameras available as required
  • ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS certified services

Ficolo concentrates entirely on data center and cloud infrastructure services, allowing our customers to focus on core initiatives and expand infrastructure to fit growth requirements.

Ficolo Data Centers

Ficolo Data Centers are located in Helsinki, Pori and Tampere. The data centers utilize modern solutions and are powered with 100% green energy. The data centers offer scalability, continuity and security.

Certified Climate Neutral Colocation – Today

At Ficolo, we don’t just talk about environmentally friendly operations – we deliver it. That’s the reason we can proudly say Ficolo has been carbon neutral since 2021.

Ficolo uses the latest technological innovations in cooling, active fire protection, heat reuse and flexible power distribution. Our cell-based architecture helps bring the flexibility to support any tailored criteria, such as specific power and cooling redundancy and fast roll-out.

Our Customers

Our team is always prepared to move quickly and meet the specific needs of each customer, which allows us to accommodate the unique requirements of hyperscalers and enterprises across the globe.


"Ficolo provided a solution-oriented and flexible approach.”

Rauno Vänni, Chief Business Officer, Unikie Oy


“Ficolo helps drive what we do in a more scalable, and efficient, way.”

Jari Alamaa, Service Manager, Cloud Services, Pinja


“Ficolo enables Solita's future growth and expansion.”

Iiro Uusitalo, Cloud Service Specialist, Solita Oy


The location and facilities combine excellent energy efficiency and
usage of green energy.”

Kalin Blaskoff, CEO of LiquidNet Ltd, producing Resellers Panel program


Ficolo bought Fujitsu’s data center in Vantaa and invests over 50 million euros to expand it into a modern Cloud Delivery Center. As part of the transaction, Ficolo and Fujitsu signed a cooperation agreement.

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